Cast TV Solutions

Hotel Chromecast for guest devices.

Phonerefix has partnered with Nonius to provide Cast Services. Make your guests feel at home with a secure and seamless chromecast hotel solution to watch their favourite streaming contents. Compatible with any Wi-Fi network or TV.

How does our flexible Chromecast for hotel work?

Increase revenue and save on paper collateral

  • Ideal to showcase promotions and hotel videos;
  • PMS integration for personalized Welcome Message;
  • No need for extra equipment and compatibility with any TV;
  • QR Code support for frictionless pairing;
  • Step by step user instructions;
  • Integration with 3rd party signage system for the Hotel info channel.

Make your guests feel secure

  • Only their room Chromecast is visible;
  • No credentials are filled in on the TV;
  • Automatically erases guest account credentials at check-out;
  • Also deletes all guest visualization history and cache;
  • 100% compliance with the latest GDPR updates;
  • Physical locking of the in-room Chromecast device;
  • Chromecast device tamper detection to alert the maintenance.

No 3rd party equipment or integration

  • For any TV brand and doesn’t need an IPTV system;
  • No need for PMS connection or integration;
  • Works with any Wi-Fi/Captive Portal ven
  • Supports multiple devices per TV and per room;
  • Compatible with soundbars and multi-zone audio;
  • Simultaneously supports Chromecast and Apple TV.

Nonius Cast Controller

The core for a fast, easy to deploy and maintain Chromecast hotel solution. The Cast Controller is developed by Nonius. Above all, it ensures a safe and reliable connection between the TV and mobile devices. It guarantees pairing, control and isolation.

  • Device Management Server for the Google Chromecast Dongles;
  • Embedded PMS middleware for association of Guest device(s) to the Chromecast dongle(s) in the guest room;
  • Open API for integration with existing HSIA from 3rdParty;
  • Cast Filtering for Privacy Assurance;
  • Monitoring / Tamper detection and Alarms;
  • Logs and diagnostics of connectivity and traffic;
  • Traffic QoS and limitation.

Compatible with any Chromecast-enabled device

Apple TV, many Smart TVs as well as Speakers. All generations of Chromcast Dongles.