Motherboard Replacement

Motherboards and their Functions

A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer. All other circuit boards can be connected to hence this board is vital for your laptop to function. It provides the connection between all other hardware of your computer system. This is why its role amongst other computer and laptop parts is extremely crucial.

There can be several signs of a broken motherboard or if your computer needs motherboard repair or changing. The first sign and the most “obvious” one is that your laptop does not boot when you turn it on. Since everything on your system is connected to the motherboard, then if this is broken or faulty, all the other components will not function as it should be, or not function at all.

Motherboard Repair vs. Motherboard Replacement—What Should You Go For?

Most professionals in the field agree that it is generally better to opt for motherboard replacement over motherboard repair. The main reason for this is because motherboards have no moving parts, so a broken one might mean a factory defect. It could also mean that it has been damaged by dropping the laptop or other wear and tear reasons. To do effective motherboard repair, you almost always need to have the factory tools. And since most motherboard repair issues surface after around the first 100 hours of use, it is simply more economical to return and go for motherboard replacement under warranty rather than try for motherboard repair. This is why it is very important that one purchases the device from a trusted seller.

When it comes to laptops, since these are smaller than PCs and also much more compact, it is much easier to replace the faulty motherboard rather than repair this. Tinkering with motherboards, the so-called “heart” of your machine, is quite a complex and delicate task, especially in smaller units. Only professional technicians and manufacturers can successfully perform a laptop motherboard repair or in this case, motherboard replacement. This is why we strongly suggest that if your laptop has any of the above mentioned motherboard fualty signs, we suggest you bring your device at one of our phoneREFIX outlets (link to outlets page) and one of our professionals examine your laptop and run a FREE diagnosis test (link to page) to ultimately be able to determine the fault.

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