Data Transfer

Mobile Phone Data Transfer

This is quite a sensitive and important process. There are several reasons why you might need to transfer data from your mobile phone device. Sometimes, you just want a professional backup to be performed, making sure that if your mobile phone gets damages, no data is lost. In such a case, your data would be transferred to a backup device or cloud storage location were this is kept safe should one need to refer to it in the future.

On the other hand, if you just purchased a new mobile phone, then you will want your data to be transferred from your old mobile device to your new one. We will transfer important data such as contacts, files, images and videos and other information to your new device. Whilst doing so, we can also back up your data.

Finally, if your phone has been damaged or broken then you might want data to be recovered and transferred to a backup location before repairs are done to protect your information.

Data Transfer Options

Nowadays, one can find different types of software available for backing up your mobile phone’s data and transferring it to a new device. The best way to do the backup process is to connect manually your mobile phone device to your PC or laptop and synchronizing the information. Phones like Apple that use iOS have their own system and are very easy to transfer data from your phone to the cloud and vice versa. This process might be a bit more difficult unfortunately if your phone is not switching on and cannot pair it to the system.

In this case, we have our own professional tools and software that can handle the data backup of your mobile phone.

You can also opt to purchase an cloud backup storage system such as dropbox that can be synced to your mobile phone. You can choose to select to back up everything from your device or simply choose to back up specific items such as contact and/or photos and videos.

Professional Data Transfer Services

At phoneREFIX, we offer a professional data transfer and data backup service of both Android and iOS devices. We can safeguard and store your contacts, appointments, photos, and other data. We appreciate the fact that some of this data might be sensitive and we treat it with high professionalism.

Mentioning this, it is very important to highlight the fact that we do not make any copies or store any valuable and precious data from your phone on to our storage systems. Should we need to use our system to transfer any sort of data, we then delete this information and the owner of the device would be the only person that has access to their data.

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