Laptop Keyboard Replacement

The laptop or MacBook keyboard is by far one of the most used components of the device. That’s why when your keyboard malfunctions or breaks, it hinders your work and productivity.

As laptops and MacBooks have evolved, manufacturers have sought to improve and enhance the pieces and parts across all the respective devices. When it comes to Apple, they have adopted the so-called ‘butterfly switches’ in the newer versions of MacBook Pro laptops. These butterfly mechanisms were designed to enable the MacBook Pro to be thinner than ever before. On this regard, Apple made sure that at the same time, they also increased the size of individual keys and keeping its functionality to a maximum.

Unfortunately, many Mac users have been reporting strange issues with the latest versions of keyboard technology, such as high-pitched sounds associated with certain keys. If you have faced a similar issue or have any other issue with both your laptop or MacBook then read on for information about laptop and MacBook Pro keyboard replacement and repair options.

Can the keyboard be repaired rather than replaced?

Depending on the keyboard issue you are experiencing, a repair may be possible rather than a complete laptop or MacBook Pro keyboard replacement. On some laptop or MacBooks, problems such as sticky or blocked keys can be repaired by removing the single key and cleaning underneath it. On the other hand, if your keyboard’s troubles are more complex, you’ll probably have to replace the entire thing. The only way to understand the issue and to be able to conclude the fault is by having one of our technical experts at phoneREFIX examining your laptop or MacBook via a professional FREE diagnosis (link to page)

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