sbs Car Charger and Holder Wireless 15W

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sbs Car Phone Holder with 15W Wireless Charging


The car phone holder with wireless charging allows you to easily interact with your smartphone during your travels and charge wirelessly. The practical clip allows this accessory to be attached to air vents of different sizes.


The holder will supply power when connected to a car charger via the USB – USB-C cable supplied. If your smartphone is QI-compatible, it can be powered wirelessly by simply placing it on the accessory. With the 15W power, your mobile phone battery will be charged in 50 minutes*.

In addition, ADS (Automatic Detection System) technology regulates the power transferred according to the device’s power requirements, preventing overheating and short circuits. This feature is suitable for iPhones that require a 7.5W power supply.


Bringing your smartphone close to the holder will activate the motion sensor that will automatically close the arms around it and keep it perfectly stable. Easy to release: simply press the touch button on the back.


The adjustable clamp can be tilted as required. So when you’re stopped at a traffic light or in a car park, you can unlock your phone through facial recognition without having to detach it from the holder.

*charging time depends on the smartphone, battery, and usage.


  • suitable for smartphones up to 80mm
  • Attaches to the air vent
  • wirelessly charges your smartphone
  • 15W/10W/7.5W/5W power output
  • maximum transmission distance: 5mm
  • ADS (Automatic Detection System) technology
  • automatic closing with motion sensor
  • touch release button
  • adjustable clamp


  • 1 car holder
  • 1 USB to USB-C charging cable
  • 1 instruction manual
Coupling mode Clip for air vent
Recharging cable USB – Type C
Suited for Smartphone up to 80mm
Technology ADS (Automatic Detection System)
EAN 8018417320743
Maximum output power 15 WATT

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